Day 58 (TF3) & Day 3 (TF4) - January 31, 2015

This Saturday, TF3 & TF4 continued to accomplish many tasks. 
TF4 completed the OP-51 project.  In order to finish, the students had to rivet three different kinds of rivets, dimple and countersink a few holes and install nut plates.  This took about half of the class period and then the students dove into the toolbox project which involved a lot of deburring.  Most students made it to the point of match-drilling holes for the rivets and some of the students even installed the hinge for the lid.

As for TF3, we have been working on the fitting of the engine cowling due to interference with the engine.  We made a lot of progress.  We are also close to finishing the installation of the interior upholstery and carpet which is looking great.   

Stay tuned for next week as TF3 keeps progressing toward the finish and as the TF4 toolboxes near completion.


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