Day 59 (TF3) & Day 4 (TF4) - February 7, 2015

Today at the hangar, we underwent tests on TF3 and more toolbox construction on TF4. 
On the toolbox, the students are close to finishing.  We worked on more deburring, riveting, drilling, dimpling, as well as some layout work for the complicated hinge components.  The hinge involved switching of the parts, cutting, and alignment.  Some students made it to bending the toolbox handle and installing the latch.  In those steps it is very crucial for proper alignment, otherwise the toolbox will not close properly.  

As for TF3, the static system, used for showing altitude by measuring air pressure, was tested for any leaks and accuracy.  We used a syringe and putty to create a vacuum by decreasing air pressure to simulate around 1,000 feet in altitude.  A decrease in pressure indicates an increased altitude reading.The test involved analyzing the amount of time this system could hold this altitude.  
We also performed a similar test on the pitot tube, a tube used for measuring airspeed.  Unlike the static system, an increase in pressure increases the airspeed reading.  We used a tube connected to the syringe to increase the air pressure until the pitot system shows 130 knots.  We also had to check for leaks and examine how well this airspeed could be held. 
Most of the exterior of TF3 was cleaned with alcohol to remove the pen and plastic marks.  The interior upholstery is very close to being finished with the nice, grey seats.  
Next week is sure to be even more exciting with the possibility of starting the Teen Flight 4 RV-12! 

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