Day 61 (TF3) & Day 6 (TF4) - February 21, 2015

Today was yet another productive day at the hangar!  On TF3, we worked on many fine tunings and adjustments.  These tasks involved re-routing hoses on the engine, checking the screws in the empennage fairing, bleeding the brakes, and bending the stall warning switch arm.  The hoses on the engine needed to be re-routed due to interference with other hoses to prevent chafing. 

During the bleeding of the brakes, the goal was to remove air bubbles in the brake lines by compressing the air and moving them out through the fluid reservoir.  We had to bend the stall warning switch to ensure that the switch activates when the vane is moved up so the warning will be accurate. 
It was an exciting day for TF4 as they started to work on the actual airplane.  First, the entire fuselage kit was inventoried to ensure that all of the parts that were included in the kit were there. 
Then, the students were divided equally into four different groups working on different sections of the airplane.  Tasks that were being worked on today included firewall work, work on the main bulkhead and details in the rudder pedal area.   

Tune in next week for more TF3 and TF4 progress!  

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