Day 26 - October 24, 2015

Today was another productive day at the hangar with progress being made on the fuselage wiring, engine cowling, fuel tank, wing spar, and canopy frame.  As for the engine cowling, more trimming has been done in order to obtain the proper fit.  The fuel tank was also tested for leaks and was then sealed to stop the leaking. 
As for the wings, the left wing was further riveted and wired for lights and the stall warning.  Within the next week or two, we will probably be skinning the wing.  The canopy frame underwent more fitting to the fuselage and the wires in the fuselage were re-wired between the rudder pedals.
Also today, TeenFlight mentor, Mr. Dan Benua, gave a very informative presentation on electrical systems and wiring.  We all learned a lot! 
Stay tuned for next week!

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