Day 25 - May 3, 2014

Work continued on the stabilator and anti-servo tab pieces. Hinges were drilled and prepped, along with the skins; both components were then riveted on. The tabs are now complete and will be attached to the stabilator next session to complete the assembly.

Further sanding and trimming continued on the cowling pieces. Shaping those fiberglass pieces can be one tough and dirty job!

As for the canopy, the bubble itself was finally screwed onto the frame. The canopy foam blocks were then temporarily placed and will be trimmed and glued to the frame later. Then some further work was done within the cockpit on the instrument panel.

In the engine department, trimming began on the cooling shroud. Work proceeded on disconnecting and removing components to gain access to the cylinders, where the shroud will rest. Among the midst of the disassembling however, the engine mount was connected.


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