Day 27 - May 17, 2014

Fiberglass work has officially begun on the canopy, as the first few layers were adhered on with an epoxy solution. All students were given a quick instruction on the basics of the fiberglass process, i.e. the techniques of applying and creating the epoxy. They were given the opportunity to try out some epoxy application with some scrap pieces of the fiberglass and metal. Essentially the fiberglass is applied on the plane to help relieve the surfaces of any noticeable edges. It helps streamline and create a smooth, professional finish to the contour of the plane.

On to the empennage. Students spent the day assembling the skeleton of the vertical stabilizer. Students helped flute ribs, match drill some holes and rivet components to the main spar, before finally riveting both ribs and spar together. Skin attachment will follow.

Work continued as usual on the cowlings and the engine. A pair of students worked on assembling the fuel tank drip trays. While prep work began for trimming the tailcone fairings.

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