Day 26 - May 10, 2014

Earlier in today's session, the students were given a mini lesson on aerodynamics and the purposes of the stabilizing surfaces of the airplane, i.e. the antiservo tabs, stabilator, rudder. Then work commenced on the various sections. The stabilator was finally completed, with the anti-servo tabs and counterbalance weight attached. The assembly was set aside for future use and work quickly began on the vertical stabilizer, prepping the skins and ribs.

As for the canopy, fiberglass work was the next step. Some students started tracing and cutting out fiberglass pieces in preparation for the layering.

A couple students reverted back to landing gear components and learned the process of wheel balancing using an awesome homemade mechanism by Mr. S.Vangrunsven. Others helped with attaching the cooling shroud to the cylinders.

The hangar was especially packed today with some unfamiliar faces. Today was the official TeenFlight 3 Open House, so family, friends, and curious individuals filled the room observing the students as they worked. Guests were able to see all the various projects currently in progress, and were treated to a slide-show presented by previous TF students on their experiences flying the TF2 plane. The TF1 plane also made a special appearance, so visitors and guests were able to see the 'final product'. Everyone enjoyed themselves and were all equally impressed with the work and diligence shared among the students and mentors.

Thank you to those of you who generously gave a donation to the Airway Science for Kids Program, your support helps promote aviation among younger generations and allows amazing opportunities, like TeenFlight, to exist and continue. You help provide and sustain the ASK programs and we, the mentors and students of TF3, greatly appreciate it!

In addition, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit us in the hangar. It was wonderful to see such interest, and we all enjoyed your company!

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